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Experiment End Date: 9 / 5 / 2017

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  • Tanvi Vyas

    User Security and Privacy

  • Andrea Marchesini

    Platform Engineer

  • Luke Crouch

    Privacy Engineer

  • Kamil Jozwiak

    QA Test Engineer

  • Peter deHaan

    Firefox QA

  • Michelle Heubusch

    Firefox Content Strategy

  • Jonathan Kingston

    Front End Security

  • Fang Shih

    Firefox UX

  • Mark Liang

    Firefox UX

  • Morpheus Chen

    Firefox UX

This experiment has ended

We have prepared a full graduation report.

Graduation Report
Note: Because of the security properties of Containers, Test Pilot experiments such as Snooze Tabs may not work from within Container tabs. Remember, this is experimental technology!
Containers let you create profiles in Firefox for all of your online lives. Custom labels and color-coded tabs help keep different activities — like online shopping, travel planning, or checking work email — separate. Because Containers store cookies separately, you can log into the same site with a different account in each Container, and online trackers can’t connect your browsing in one container to another. So you can keep your shopping self separate from your social self from your work self, without worrying about being followed around the Web.

Containers let you separate the different parts of your online life.

Select from categories like Shopping, Finance, and Work or create custom labels that work for you.

Use color-coded labels to see different Containers at a glance.