Page Shot

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Experiment End Date: 7 / 12 / 2017

Brought to you by

  • Ian Bicking

    Software Engineer

  • Donovan Preston

    Software Engineer

  • Bram Pitoyo

    UX Designer

This experiment has ended

We have prepared a full graduation report.

Graduation Report

Page Shot lets you take, share, and retrieve screenshots - without leaving Firefox.

  • Grid view: Browse thumbnails of saved screenshots
  • Smart search: Find the screenshot you're looking for with just a keyword. Page Shot indexes page titles and text in screenshots
  • One-step sharing: Post your screenshot to social media or copy the shareable link right from the top of your browser window.

Select the image area and save if you like what you see, cancel without saving if you don’t.

Share links to images via social or email, without having to download and attach a file.

Find saved screenshots easily. Browse thumbnails in grid view or search by keyword.