Tracking Protection

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Experiment End Date: 2 / 15 / 2017

Brought to you by

  • Luke Crouch

    Web Developer

  • Aislinn Grigas

    Senior UX Designer

  • Rebecca Billings

    Senior QA Engineer

This experiment is based on Firefox Tracking Protection technology built by Mozilla employees and contributors over the past several years.  Learn more.

This experiment has ended

We have prepared a full graduation report.

Graduation Report

Until now, Tracking Protection in Firefox was only available in Private Browsing mode. This experiment enables Tracking Protection all the time! (Of course, you can disable it on a site-by-site basis whenever you want.)

This experiment lets you help us understand where Tracking Protection breaks the Web so that we can improve it for all Firefox users. As you browse, click the purple shield icon in the URL bar at the top of the page to tell us which sites work well with Tracking Protection and which don't.

Access all Tracking Protection features in the address bar.

Report a problem and help us troubleshoot.